Get to Know AHCCCS... Leaders in Medicaid Innovation

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), a State of Arizona agency, is Arizona's Medicaid program designed to deliver quality health care under managed care. Over the years, independent evaluations repeatedly have praised the program's effectiveness. AHCCCS has received national acclaim as a model for other Medicaid programs and the approach has been recommended to other states by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that oversees AHCCCS. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System serves over 2 million Arizonans at an annual cost of approximately $14 billion.

AHCCCS is a team of passionate individuals who want to make a difference within our communities. We work with members and providers to safeguard the integrity of Medicaid programs, as well as to ensure the availability of health care for those who need it.

At AHCCCS, our dedication to serving begins with our mission and vision, which influences and drives everything we do and is the main ingredient of our culture.


Reaching across Arizona to provide comprehensive, quality health care to those in need.


Shaping tomorrow's managed care... from today's experience, quality and innovation.

Our Values

Accountability We are personally responsible for our actions and understand the trust our government has placed on us. We plan and forecast as accurately as possible. Solid performance standards measure the integrity of our work. We tell the truth and keep our promises.
Community Health care is fundamentally local. We consult and work with, are culturally sensitive to and respond to the unique needs of each community we serve.
Innovation We embrace change, but accept that not all innovation works as planned. We learn from experience.
Leadership We lead primarily in two ways: by setting the standards by which other programs can be judged, and by developing and nurturing our own future leaders.
Passion Good health is a fundamental need of everyone. This belief drives us, inspires and energizes our work.
Quality Quality begins as a personal commitment to continual and rigorous improvement, self-examination, and change based on proper data and quality improvement practices.
Respect Each person with whom we interact deserves our respect. We value ideas for change, and we learn from others.
Teamwork Our mission requires good communication among interdependent areas inside and outside the agency. Internally, we team up within and across divisions. Externally, we partner with different customers as appropriate.
Courage This value calls on us to be honest and transparent with one another for the purpose of strengthening our culture and advancing our program.

Our Divisions

AHCCCS divisions offer numerous exciting career paths for professionals in a variety of fields. Together, we work to accomplish AHCCCS' core mission of providing comprehensive health care to those in need.

A Message from Our Cabinet Executive Officer and Executive Deputy Director

For more than 40 years, AHCCCS has been a leader among state Medicaid programs, recognized as the first-in-the-nation mandatory managed care Medicaid program. Through four decades, AHCCCS has championed innovative ways to deliver integrated and comprehensive health care that considers the whole person and the health related social needs that affect health outcomes.

AHCCCS is an employee-driven and member-focused organization. Our employees take pride in their commitment to excellence, integrity, and transparent public service for members, providers, contractors, and the communities who rely on Arizona’s Medicaid program. We are guided by the nine AHCCCS Values of Teamwork, Leadership, Passion, Community, Quality, Respect, Courage, Innovation, and Accountability. We believe in developing employees to achieve their full potential, and are committed to professional growth opportunities that include unlimited online learning, instructor-led training sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs.

In the 2023 Employee Engagement Survey, AHCCCS achieved an engagement rate of 84%, meaning 84% of responses were favorable.

96% of employees believe their job is important to the mission,
89% said their coworkers are committed to providing high quality service, and
92% believe their supervisor shows care and concern.

We are always seeking innovative, passionate people who share these values to join us in our mission. I invite you to explore the exciting career opportunities available at AHCCCS. When you find a position that aligns with your skills and aspirations, I encourage you to submit your application.