Division of Business and Finance (DBF)

DBF is responsible for providing AHCCCS employees the resources they need to perform their jobs; paying managed care organizations, FFS providers, administrative vendors and AHCCCS employees; internal and external financial reporting; preparation and monitoring of the AHCCCS budget; approves and oversees all contractual activities for the agency; and supporting the Agency’s cost avoidance processes; and making post-payment recoveries from liable third parties.


Budget directs the submission of the agency's annual administrative and programmatic budget to the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee staff. It monitors programmatic and administrative expenditures and projects the status of agency funds throughout the year. Budget analysts and economists work directly with the agency divisions to ensure accurate planning and forecasting of expenditures.  In addition, budget accountants maintain the agency’s cost allocation plan submitted to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for eligible Medicaid expenses.


The Procurement Office issues all solicitations for goods and services to carry out the agency’s mission, develops and approves all contractual documents, monitors contracts and agreements, oversees all purchase orders and activity in the online procurement system, and ensures compliance with procurement rules and regulations for the agency.


The Finance Unit consists of 37 fulltime, highly engaged and motivated staff all working together to process nearly $13.0 billion in annual payment transactions. The various teams are responsible for accounting operations including preparing annual audited financial statements, quarterly Federal financial expenditure and monthly State financial reporting. The Financial Reporting Unit efforts are assisted by a dynamic data warehouse system and payment transactions are processed through automated operating systems at both the agency and statewide levels. The various Operations units coordinate; process and reconcile between agency payment, billing and receivable systems that interface with the statewide accounting system. All Finance units regularly engage the Arizona Management System to obtain results-driven performance valuing continuous improvement through innovation.

Third Party Liability

TPL ensures agency compliance with state and federal third party liability requirements. It works with a TPL contractor to make post-payment recoveries from casualty, estate, TEFRA, workers’ compensation, trusts/annuities, restitution, commercial insurance, and credit balance audit recovery programs. It also manages the collection of members’ other health insurance information, which is used in the coordination of benefits with primary payers.


Manages and maintains the motor pool and the agency's office facilities. They oversee the warehouse and security operations.