Office of the Director Overview

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is led by Director Jami Snyder who was appointed by Governor Doug Ducey in January 2019. Director Snyder provides strategic direction to agency staff to ensure understanding and alignment in order to achieve the agency’s established goals as outlined in the 2020 Agency Strategic Plan and the 2018-2023 5-Year Strategic Plan. Director Snyder also manages critical health care delivery system issues at the local, state and federal levels, ensuring that the State secures the budgetary and human resources needed to effectively serve 1.9 million AHCCCS members.

Through the Executive Staff, Director Snyder manages all aspects of the agency’s business processes and oversees administrative policies and procedures that support the Medicaid health care delivery system that serves 1.9 million people in Arizona.

Director Snyder’s direct reports include two Deputy Directors, the Chief Medical Officer, the Assistant Directors of OIG, OALS, DCAIR, and HRD, as well as the Office of Continuous Improvement and a project manager.

Two Deputy Directors support Director Snyder: Shelli Silver serves as the Deputy Director for Health Plan Operations, and Kristen Challacombe serves as the Deputy Director for Business Operations

The Deputy Directors assume agency oversight responsibilities at the discretion of the Director, serve as Executive Sponsors of various projects and initiatives, and represent the agency to a wide range of stakeholders. The Deputy Directors oversee the majority of the agency operations and are responsible for providing counsel and recommendations to the Director on issues and programs.

Divisions and roles that report to Shelli Silver, Deputy Director of Health Plan Operations include: DFSM, DHCM, Chief Legislative Liaison, Targeted Investments Administrator.

Divisions and roles that report to Kristen Challacombe, Deputy Director of Business Operations include: DBF, DMS, ISD, Grants Administration, Health Information Technology Coordinator, and a project manager.

Dr. Sara Salek serves as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), reporting to the Director and overseeing the quality and delivery of health care services AHCCCS provides. The CMO approves the AHCCCS medical policies and assures the appropriate evaluation of contract compliance; serves as an expert witness on behalf of AHCCCS and the state on legal and regulatory matters involving the provision of medical care services; and assists in resolving member and provider grievances as needed.

OOD is supported by three executive administrative assistants, Julie Stevens supports the Director and Deputy Directors; Amity Bravo supports the Chief Medical Officer; and Patricia McGinnins provides overall OOD staff support.

The Chief Legislative Liaison

The Chief Legislative Liaison is responsible for legislative affairs, which includes serving as the primary point of contact between AHCCCS and the State Legislature, executing the AHCCCS legislative strategy, receiving constituent service requests, meeting AHCCCS legislative reporting requirements, providing information to legislators about the agency, and disseminating critical legislative information back to agency staff.

The Health Information Technology (HIT) Coordinator

The Health Information Technology (HIT) Coordinator serves as the single point of contact for health IT coordination across the agency, representing the agency in strategic discussions between internal and external stakeholders and advising on all issues related to electronic health information technology and health information exchange.

Division of Grants Administration (DGA)

Formed in May 2019, the Division of Grants Administration (DGA) is the point of contact related to the pursuit, implementation and oversight of grants administered by the agency.

The Dental Program Director

The Dental Program Director who oversees the quality and delivery of oral health care services that AHCCCS provides. The Dental Program Director also reviews fee-for-service prior authorizations and dental claims as needed; reviews and suggest modification of AHCCCS dental policies; and assists in evaluating and resolving member and provider grievances.

The Pharmacy Director

The Pharmacy Director who oversees the AHCCCS fee-for-service pharmacy program, agency participation in the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, certain contractor pharmacy activities, and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator who oversees all agency efforts to engage with stakeholders, contracted health plans, and the public regarding statewide suicide prevention.

Clinical Initiatives Project Manager

Clinical Initiatives Project Manager who oversees all Medicaid and grant-funded initiatives aimed at combating the opioid epidemic in Arizona.

Health Services Admin Services Officer

Health Services Admin Services Officer leads agency wide clinical initiatives including improving services for children in foster care and children with autism spectrum disorder.